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For better hiring decisions and talent development




  • Loopinc (one of Strategic Business Unit of PT. Lingkar Optima Indonesia) was established with a purpose of providing business solutions for companies by optimizing the HR function within them, thus becoming a Strategic Partner for Top Management in creating a sustainable business growth.

  • Loopinc is founded by HR Practitioners with over 10 years of experiences in various industries, who are passionate about People Development.

Vision & Mission


  • Empower companies to be future-ready


  • Providing solutions to achieve an effective and efficient HR process by optimizing the use of technology which corresponds with the needs of the organization.

  • Building collaborative partnership with companies to meet mutual goals.

  • Working tenaciously to achieve stretch goals related to sustainable business results.


Online Tests

Better Talent Decision

Built to support you to identify your people’s potentials. Optimizing technology for better talent decision.

Soft Skills Stay Relevant

Focus on assessing softskills, Loopinc provides various online tests to shorten your screening process.

Most Hiring and Firing Decisions Come Down to Soft Skills

Loopinc online tests provides insights to guide your interviews to the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

    Loopinc Online Tests :

  • Soft Skills
  • Personality
  • Job-Fit

Survey of over 5,000 talent professionals in 35 countries from LinkedIn Global Talent Trends 2019 shows that companies need more from their employees. Not only technical skills, but also their ability to think creatively, collaborate effectively, and adapt quickly.
Many companies still struggle to accurately assess soft skills, despite their growing value. If companies want a hiring strategy for the future, they need to change how they identify and hire for soft skills.
Soft skills have always been important, and they’re increasingly vital today. The rise of automation and artificial intelligence means that hard skills alone are no longer enough to be successful.
Hard Skills Matters, but soft skills help you to navigate any future challenges.

  • Companies struggle to assess soft skills without a formal process. Soft skills are often approached less directly.
  • Unfortunately, this unstructured approach that unconsciously biased is extremely common—which is probably why so many struggle to assess soft skills accurately and consistently.
  • One of the tips from LinkedIn Global Talent Trends 2019 is: Consider online tools to prescreen candidates.
  • Loopinc online tests help you to assess soft skills accurately.


Development Program

Interactive Learning Program

Built to support your learning process. Supported with experienced learning facilitator with customized contents and methods.

Available Training Modules :

  • Collaboration

  • Persuasive Communication

  • Change Agility

  • Planning & Execution

  • Leadership

  • Other Customized Modules



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